We Got married

July 10, 2016


Our Story

We met online through eHarmony in August 2015. After going through the questionnaires, emails, a phone call, and finally a Skype call in one weekend we realized we wanted to meet in person. It took a couple weeks for our schedules to work out (with Skype calls to fill in the time) and we finally got to meet. We went through a round of Monster Mini Golfing and we decided to take a walk through the nearby park. What we expected to be a nice little walk turned into a two hour trek of getting lost and ending up on the other side of the park. It was hot, my feet were killing me, and it didn't help that I almost stepped on a snake (much to Daniel's confusion as I was jumping around and forgetting how to use my words). However, Daniel never let go of my hand and stayed by my side through it all. We laughed and smiled even though we were lost. We had each other. Since that first date, we officially started our relationship and fell in love.